About me

Hello! This is Lou B, Welcome to CBD Medical Services I’m grateful you’re here.

Lou B is here to support and guide you with his experiences and expertise in nursing career. I’m honored to help people strengthen themselves from Psychosis, Obsessive or compulsive disorder, Anxiety disorder, personality disorder, Depression, Panic disorder, and mood disorders.

I live in Kansas City, five years ago I started my career as CNL and earned multiple skills and performed excellently but that doesn’t make my career independent change. After three years I quit my job and start counseling people online and writing blogs about my experiences. Now I’m doing what I love most without any pressure from my seniors and earning a handsome amount.

I collect all information from different search engines, websites and from my experiences with clients who belong to different communities. The best thing about writing is not helping others to learn well but it is also proven my self-grooming. If you have any questions or suggestions come to my contact page.